Your Sober Grad Night committee is pleased to announce we had another successful Sober Grad Night Celebration for Ponderosa's Seniors!  About 300 seniors attended the overnight event. Over $4,500 in Prizes were given out including i-pads, kindle fires and about 140 more items.  We cannot stress enough that this event isn't possible without support from our entire community. Thank you to everyone who supported Sober Grad Night by attending our dine-outs and craft fair, and to those who support through Scrip sign-up.

At this time, we would like to thank the over 100 volunteers that helped make this event possible.....
(my apologies if I missed anyone)


Check-In Volunteers

Alsagoff, Aziz

Bell, Kelly

Bergin, Dayna

Bilotta, LeAna

Boyle, Louise

Boyle, Steven

Brundage, Becky

Bullinger, Andrew

Christiansen, Nancy

Christiansen, Phil

Cichella, Jolene

Cichella, Merribeth

Davis, Barb

De, Kelly

DuHain, Mary

Eilsher, Becky

Griffiths, Linda

Hauck, Kristen

Hillis, Sheri

Jackens, Claudia

Jenkins, Sheri

Lambert, Denise

Mosbacher, Sue

Pickett, Judy

Poulin, Veronica

Rodriguez, Krystal

Rotondo, Stacy

Rutton, Jay

Rutton, Paula

Schrader, Jackie

Smeltzer, DeAnn

Smeltzer, Matt

Smith, Barbara

Smith, Irene

Smith, Jeanette

Sterling, Alisa

Wright, Beth

Scandia Chaperones-

Bacchi, Bonnie

Bacchi, Ed

Barner, Gerry

Becker, Soni

Blackburn, Michele

Blackburn, Ron

Buckmaster, Mike

Colgan, Julie

Cook, Brenda

Cotcher, Colleen

Dashnaw, Trish & partner

Davidson, Jeff

Dinwiddle, Karl

Dubin, Ila

Dubin, Marc

George, Suzanna

Goetz, Sarah

Golden, Michelle

Goodrich, Susan

Kohlbacher, Allison

Linden, Cheryl

Matzat, Janet

McKinney, Dave

Menard, Mike

Menard, Traci

Miller, Kim

Mosbacher, Dave

Novelo, Dave

Ober, Kathleen

Sterling, Sheldon

Thayer, Mia

Walsh, Jennifer

Early Crew-

Crook, Laura

Crook, Ron

Milanowski, Michele

Parlin, Lori

Parlin, Sam

Campus Registration

Kirsten Alexander

Shelley Bresnahan

June Woo

Cyndy Howlett

Beth Wright

Sheryl Valentine

Candy Colmenero

De Ann Smeltzer

Robyn Swartz


JoAnn Lytle

Geraldine Gonzalez

Michelle Milanowski

Lori Parlin

Jette Shears

Craft Fair

Teresa Alberghini

Lori Parlin

Jette Shears

Kim Cameron

Diana Attasani

Brenda Cook

Bonnie Bacchi

Traci Menard

Laura Crook

Ron Crook

Sam Parlin

Sheri Hillis

2012 SGN Committee

Bonnie Bacchi

Laura Crook

Jette Shears

Traci Menard

Brenda Cook

Geraldine Gonzalez

Michele Milanowski

Sue Mosbacher

Dodie Johnson

Kirsten Alexander

Shelley Bresnahan

Dayna Bergin

Alisa Sterling

Ron Crook

Lori Parlin

Teresa Alberghini

Meg ONeill


We are currently forming our 2013 Grad Night Committee. There are several spots that must be filled in order to continue with this worthwhile event. All positions can be shared with a friend and we hope you may consider joining us as we plan for next year.

Don’t wait until your student is a senior.  Senior year of high school can be very busy.  Parents of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors too are welcome and encouraged.


Committee Positions We Need to Fill:

Business Donations – letter writing campaign; do this from home at your own schedule; great job to share with 1-2 friends

Dine Out Coordinator – coordinate monthly fundraisers at local restaurants; great job to share with 1-2 friends; 3 hours once a month, plus meetings

Co-Registration/Mailings – help with registration mailings in fall and spring; can easily be shared with another person

Transportation/Check-In – arrange transportation for the event and coordinate event check-in after graduation; this job is also great for sharing


Get more details by visiting our Volunteer Information webpage:

 Have questions? 

 Please send us an email at or contact Bonnie Bacchi at 530-677-0611 to discuss options.

Thanks again to everyone who supports this event keeping seniors safe on graduation night!


Sober Grad Night - PHS
Parent Volunteer Committee