Committee and Volunteer Information


The Senior Celebration Committee can not continue unless we fill the positions below (including positions where the committee member is in their final year). Please consider being a part of this awesome committee to help plan the Senior Celebration for each graduating class. If interested, please email us at and/or attend the next planning meeting!

Meet your 2023 Senior Celebration Planning Committee!

Thank you to the new board and committee members.

We are currently forming our 2023 Committee. There are several spots that must be filled in order to continue with this worthwhile event. All positions can be shared with a friend and we hope you may consider joining us as we plan for next year.

Don’t wait until your student is a senior. Senior year of high school can be very busy. We are looking for parents of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to join this fun group !

And if you don't want to be on the committee but want to help out at the party, please join our email list or attend the meetings to learn more.


Committee/Volunteer Position Descriptions

Revised June 2017

*Committee Officer as established by SGN Bylaws


  • Sets up and directs monthly general meeting proceedings; must attend all monthly SGN meetings

  • Coordinates and oversees all SGN Committee planning

  • Manages all SGN communications (SGN emails, announcements, outreach, etc.)

  • Liaisons with event site management and with Ponderosa High School administrators

  • Attends other SGN special events or meetings as needed

  • Preps and oversees the graduation night SGN event operation; must attend/supervise event


  • Assists Chairperson in fulfilling his/her responsibilities as needed.

  • Serves as a consultant to the Chairperson.

  • Attends other SGN special events or meetings, as needed

  • Works with all Committee coordinators to determine number of volunteers needed

  • Attends on-campus events to recruit new parent volunteers

  • Attends the graduation night SGN event to organize and supervise volunteer operations

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings


  • Works with Chairperson to set overall budget

  • Keeps accurate records and submits monthly reports according to Treasurer Guidelines

  • Handles banking and deposits for all monies from tickets, fundraisers, donations, and other SGN income

  • Issues payment checks to various vendors

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings


  • Prepares monthly meeting items in advance, sets up meeting; must attend all monthly SGN meetings

  • Prepares meeting minutes and distributes copies to Chairperson and all committee members

  • Completes legal paperwork including all vendor contracts, insurance, and non-profit status


  • Manages SGN website, Facebook, other social networking sites

  • Publicizes and promotes SGN event and fundraising activities

  • Produces annual SGN trifold information brochure

  • Provides updates to PHS for bulletins, senior news, billboard, robocall/text messages

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

Registration Coordinator

  • Coordinates and prepares online ticket ordering system; performs all data entry required for tickets and maintains records of ticket orders and monies received

  • Coordinates and prepares Fall ticket registration launch to Senior families

  • Coordinates and prepares Spring registration outreach

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

  • Attends the graduation night SGN event

Campus Event Coordinator/School Liaison

  • Manages on-campus promotion of SGN party and attends Senior campus events to speak/promote

  • Works with PHS Student Activities Director for student promotions

  • Works with PHS Senior Class Advisor and attends senior meetings

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

Fundraising Coordinator (Business Donations, Scrip, Retail Loyalty Programs)

  • Pursues business donations and grant monies

  • Conducts follow-up/appreciation letters to all donors; coordinates donor listings with website

  • Oversees and manages promotion of retail scrip and store loyalty fundraising programs (includes eScrip, AmazonSmile, Raley’s/Bel-Air, Nugget Markets, etc.)

  • Maintains accurate records and submits monthly reports and updates

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

Event Food Coordinator

  • Plans menus, obtains food donations, secures all food and related supplies for PHS cafeteria (Student Check-In) and venues on graduation night/overnight

  • Attends the graduation day and night SGN event to coordinate all aspects of food delivery and food service at locations

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

Student Check-In Coordinator

  • Coordinates and trains the volunteers on PHS Cafeteria student Check-In procedures

  • Sets up and supervises Check-In operation after graduation

  • Attends the graduation night SGN event

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings

Prize Coordinator

  • Coordinates prize solicitations, donations

  • Purchases, organizes, and prepares prizes for distribution at event

  • Attends the graduation night event

  • Coordinates, prepares prize drawing graphics/presentation, and oversees prize drawing at event

  • Attends monthly SGN meetings


Grad Night Event Volunteers and Party Chaperones

  • Work at PHS Cafeteria for Student Check-In from 8:00-11:00pm on graduation night

  • Chaperone the event and volunteer on-site on graduation night, overnight, through 7:00 am Saturday morning.

  • Assist with early prep and setup of Check-In and/or party venues

General Volunteers

  • Each of the above categories needs occasional volunteers to assist during the school year